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Sunshine Consortium is an amalgamated structure to provide service to customers who are in the granite stone business, and we are servicing this stone industry from 1991 onwards. Sunshine consortium has 4 companies under one “presidentship” to manufacture & export granite finished products in different durable colour of Granite.


Years Experience
  • Granite Memorials
  • Granite Slabs
  • Granite Counter Tops
  • Granite Cobble Stones for Pavements

Granite Colours

Jet Black, Indian Red , Multi Red, Black Galaxy, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Paradiso, Mahogany, Regal Black, Bahama Blue, Himalayan Blue, Tan Brown, Shiva Gold, Cats Eye, Coffee Brown, Tropical Green, Steel Grey, India Mist

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Sunshine Consortium can be called the “SOURCE OF STONES FOR LASTING MEMORIES” as we are the “Jet Black Granite Mine owners”. We mine these stones from our own Jet Black Granite quarries and carve them as Granite Monuments, Granite Slabs, Granite Counter & Granite Kitchen Tops, Granite Cobble Stones, and Export Rough Granite Blocks


Special Design - Elegant Jet Black granite. France & Belgium model.


Picture 1 - Elegant – France & Belgium Model in Multi colour Red Granite with Headstone, Base and Cover plate.


Picture 2 - Beautiful – France & Belgium Model in Bahama Blue Granite with Headstone, Base and Cover plates.


Picture 3 - Elegant– France, Belgium & Portugal Model in Indian Aurora Granite with Headstone, Base and Cover plate.


Picture 4 - Beautiful– France, Belgium & Portugal Model in Himalayan Blue Granite (SRE) with Carved Flowers.


Picture 5 - Double Heart shaped North American Model in Jet Black Granite.


Picture 6 - Standard North American Model in Jet Black Granite.


Picture 7 - Standard North American Model in Jet Black Granite.


Picture 8 - Slant North American Model with Rock pitched Nature and nosing in Front 2-inch. Regal Black Granite.

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Our list of products

Please check our range of products to the global market

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Indian Granite ,

Granite products, Monuments, Memorials, Counter tops, Varity tops, Cobble stones

Granite Flower Vases, Jet Black , Red Granite , Other Indian Colour Granite products , Absolute Black Granite Memorials

Indian Stone products Stone products Jet Black , U.S.A type Granite Memorials

European type, Canada type , Irish type , Great Britain Style Granite Memorials

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Why Choose Us

30 Years of excellence in the Granite Industry , Sold our products to 10 countries and provided excellent service and received wonderful feedbacks from our customers worldwide.


Why We're Perfect
For You

  • We deliver the exact product what we promise
  • We deliver the products on time
  • We deliver the highest quality products
  • We mine the stones from our own mines hence we are able to deliver what we promise.
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Our Management Team

Our management team brings in 10 years of grand experience in the Granite industry. The rich experience in handling Own Granite mines, Bulk production , Bulk exports , to our wonderful overseas customers from multiple countries.

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