Sunshine Consortium is an amalgamated structure to provide service to customers who are in the granite stone business and servicing this stone industry from 1991 onwards. Sunshine consortium has 4 companies under one “presidentship” to manufacture & export granite finished products such as :-
1. Granite memorials
2. Granite Slabs
3. Granite counter tops
4. Granite cobble stones for pavements
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The following are the amalgamated companies under Sunshine Consortium

1. Sunshine Granites
    a. Processing of granite memorials
    b. polished 2 side memorial slabs
2. Sunshine Stones & Minerals
    a. Mining & selling of Jet Black Granite Blocks
    b. Selling of other colour Granite Blocks
3. SABA Granites
    a. Mining of Jet Black granite Blocks
    b. Owner of 3 Jet Black granite quarries of midnight Black
4. SAR Granites Private Limited
    a. Processor of granite memorials
    b. Polished 2 side memorials Slabs

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