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sunshine consortium is a leading Manufacturer and exporter of quality indian granite and marbles, Black Granite, K black Granite and Granite Memorials, Cemetery. Indian Granite are famous for the beauty and hardness. all available building stones majorly used is Indian Granite and These include counter tops, floor tiles, kitchen stone and cemetery monuments.

Indian Granite is famous for its blend of excellence and quality. With an access of about 120 shades of granite.

Indian Granite is also highly resistant to moisture or water so it can be a perfect choice for the kitchen as well as bathrooms.

indian granite shading of grading never fades away and always looks the same and shiny throughout its lifetime.

granite manufacturer and supplier, our team of specialists prioritizes client relationships, we also exporting different colors of granite. By offering the Excellent services with timely delivery, Safety for community and environment, Innovation based work process, we have made a significant impact on the globe.

When redesigning your home with granite countertops, you get the excitement of not only choosing which stone you will use but also which finish the stone will have.

Think of the finish as the way you want to showcase your granite making the stone more hygienic and moisture-repellent.

High decorative quality with perceived variation.

Good durability and highly weather-resistant.

Strong, Durable, Unique and Hard. Granite characteristics include strength and durability. This unique and elegant natural stone is one of the oldest, hardest, and strongest stones available. A truly beautiful natural stone with hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from.

Granite is as popular and has been extensively used as a dimension stone as well as flooring tile in interior as well as exterior of different buildings.

Granite Colours:

  • Black Granite
  • White Granite
  • Red Granite
  • Green Granite
  • Blue Granite

As a leading granite supplier Granite Memorial, Cemeteries, we offer granite materials of quality and durability. Customisations easily available - call now for a quote

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